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So blindly charging forward didn't work.

I'm shocked.

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Name:Dr. Rebecca Holiday
Rebecca Holiday

"Aside from the fact that all of you treat Rex like a machine instead of 15 year-old?"

"Rex, in this line of work we all have to do things we don't like."

"What's it going to take for Providence to realize that he needs a home? Not just a room and a job."

"If getting Rex back means I have to tear you apart molecule-by-molecule, fine!"

"Be nice to the girl. She's lucky you know. Nobody asked me to Prom."

"It's likely triggered by a specific event - something traumatic."

"Because someone has to! Most people have given up hope."

"So blindly charging forward didn't work. I'm shocked."

"Exponentially Variegated Organism. A little more scientific than spoiled meat. -- The nanites are altering our DNA. But with the right type of research, there is no reason that they couldn't be programmed to stop or reverse the process. Imagine a third option to this insane kill or contain protocol. -- A cure"

"Don't do this to me! I will hate you forever if you--"

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